Saturday, November 12, 2005


Espadrille is a lady's fashion shoe made of jute sole. Being the most popular natural fiber next to cotton, jute is dominating the world of Espadrille Soles. Wedges of espadrille can't be made without jute now-a-days. Because bright natural white color of jute, especially jute produced in Bangladesh is the only choice of designers to make high quality espadrille soles. Brightness of jute is the measure of price also.

Spanish and French espadrilles are popular worldwide for attractive uppers made on jute soles made in Bangladesh. Italian espadrilles has also its own appeal. Chinese espadrilles are also becoming popular at some low-end markets of Europe because of low cost. Colors of Chinese jute soles can be recognized easily from its dull (off-white/reddish) tone similar to Indian jute slippers.

Various materials are used to make uppers of espadrilles like fabrics, canvas, genuine leather, PU leather and other synthetics items. Ballerina espadrilles contain some attractive laces with the shoes. Beads are sometimes used to make ethnic feel over the espadrille. Hand stitched flat sole basic espadrilles are very popular as comfortable casual footwear. Manufacturers from Spain, France, Bangladesh, Italy and China use different methods to make their own style of espadrilles.

Prices of Spanish or French fashion espadrilles typically start from 20 Euros to 200 Euros while the same products with brighter soles are sold from 2 Euros to 7 Euros at wholesale in Bangladesh. That's why traders from Spain, France & Italy are now outsourcing espadrilles totally from Bangladesh without trying to manufacture those locally. These imported espadrilles are sometimes re-exported to North America & other European countries. EU countries get Tax-Free Import facility while importing from Bangladesh.

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